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From Northern Ireland

0333 234 2184

From Republic of Ireland

(Freephone) 1 800 200 374

How much does an abortion cost?

If you do not qualify for an abortion where you live, you may be considering travelling to England to access safe, caring and legal abortion services.

We know that women in Ireland face additional expense to travel which is why we offer a discounted fee.

Marie Stopes UK will no longer be charging women from Northern Ireland who travel to England for consultation or treatment. Find out more here. 

Abortion costs in the UK

The cost of an abortion in England depends on your gestation^, medical history and personal preference.

Abortion Treatment Type

Medical Assessment*

Treatment Price


Medical abortion (abortion pill(s))

Up to 9 weeks + 3 days

€70 | £65

€400 | £350

€470 | £415

Surgical abortion before 14 weeks

with local anaesthetic 

€70 | £65

€500 | £435

€570 | £500

Surgical abortion before 14 weeks

with sedation 

€70 | £65

€540 | £480

€610 | £545

Surgical abortion before 14 weeks

with general anaesthetic 

€70 | £65

€600 | £525

€670 | £590

Surgical abortion between 14 and 19 weeks

with general anaesthetic

 €70 | £65  €745 | £650

€815 | £715

Surgical abortion after 19 weeks

with general anaesthetic

 €70 | £65  €1485 | £1300

€1555 | £1365

^ the exact gestation will be determined by our registered nurses on the day of your appointment at one of our centres by way of an ultrasound scan. 
*Priority appointments for Irish women cannot be guaranteed but are available in most instances.

Free Medical Pre-assessment

Marie Stopes UK will not charge you for medical pre-assessment if you have had pregnancy counselling in Ireland or Northern Ireland with the following organisations:

  • Dublin IFPA
  • Dublin Well Woman Clinic
  • Cork Sexual Health Centre
  • Cork University Students
  • Brook in Belfast
  • University of Belfast
  • Belfast FPA
  • IFPA in Limerick

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods we accept

  • Cash (Sterling and Euros)
  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • Switch/Maestro
  • Delta
  • Visa Electron and Solo cards

Payment methods we do NOT accept

  • We do not accept Amercian Express (AMEX)
  • We do not accept cheque payments

All card payments will be made in pound sterling.

The fee in Euros is fixed but the amount that will be taken from your account will be in (£). The amount may vary because of the conversion rate on the day and additional bank charges.

How transactions appear on debit/credit card statements?

Phone consultations appear as 'MS One Call'
Payments made at the centres appear as 'MS' followed by the centre name (ie: Manchester, London, Bristol etc...)

When will I need to pay?

Before your treatment:

  • If you have booked a medical pre-assessment over the phone, you will need to pay for the assessment fee only before we call you back to conduct the assessment
  • If you’re having a face to face pre-assessment or scan and treatment altogether in England, then the overall treatment price will be payable when you arrive at a Marie Stopes UK centre
  • If you have a face-to-face pregnancy counselling appointment at one of the organisation mentioned above, you don’t have to pay for a pre-assessment

If someone is paying on your behalf by credit card or debit card, the cardholder must accompany you to the centre at the time the payment is made.

We're here to help 24/7. Get in touch.

From Northern Ireland

0333 234 2184

From Republic of Ireland

(Freephone) 1 800 200 374

^ Please note that calls are recorded for quality and training purposes. Your details are stored securely, for more information please read our privacy policy to understand how we keep your information safe and private.
In the UK, calls to 0345 numbers are included in most mobile and landline free minutes agreements. If you don't have a contract or are on pay as you go, you will be charged at the same rate as if you were calling an 01 or 02 number. If you are unsure, please check with your mobile/landline provider.

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